The Triton Cockatoo

Personality Profile

First and foremost, the Triton is the loudest of all Cockatoos species. They are considered a Greater Sulphur-crested, as is the Galerita.The Triton is a proud, confident, stubborn, unpredictable, tenacious, loud, sneaky and did I mention unpredictable? The girls can be sweet and not as loud as the males. I am the only person that can safely enter their colony. Anyone else, will need a spotter.

I have a friend that was helping me bring in new perches and toys into their colony, I was recovering from a dislocated knee. Two birds were sneaking towards her feet, at the same time one of the Triton’s was approaching from above to rip her hat off. There were birds getting in position to bite her arm or back. I am outside of the colony telling her to watch her ankle, now your arm, then duck, one of the Triton’s is hanging upside down by a toe, trying to bite her face. They are sweet to me.

Over the years, I talk to people who are looking for options available, for their Triton pet. I hear consistent stories of aggressive behavior in the male Tritons. The birds human is always concerned that, if their bird is adopted, it’s likely to be passed from home to home due to behavior issues. Tritons are very smart, I suspect the naughty behavior is the result. They are very hard for people to live with. 

New Guinea and surrounding Islands home to the Triton

The Triton Cockatoo should come with commercial ear protection. When my mom would come to visit me, the first thing she does, before she says hello, she gets into her trunk to get her ear protectors. They’re the type used in gun ranges and there neon orange. She walks around the Sanctuary with me but, she takes a short cut to avoid the Tritons.

They like to sucker humans to the sidewall of their colony. When you get in front of their colony they will scream full blast! Their scream is so loud it makes your eyes squint and your lips pucker. In fact, I am squinting just thinking about how loud they are. My dogs won’t go near their colony. 

Once again I want to make it clear that the female Tritons are not as loud or destructive then the males.

Fortunately, because they are surrounded by friends, their not as noisy as life in our homes. Because they are the most confident, aggressive, annoying, sneaky and unpredictable Cockatoo, I do not recommend them as a pet if you have children, or neighbors. They are extremely destructive, I am constantly replacing their perches more so than any other Cockatoo species I house. Because the Triton’s are so smart and clever, they bore easily.

On the plus side, Triton’s are good talkers, they rarely feather pick and Triton’s have a good sense of humor. As with most of the Cockatoo species, the females are quieter and less destructive.


New Guinea and surrounding Islands home to the Triton Cockatoos

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