The Ducorp Cockatoo

Soloman Islands home to the Ducorp Cockatoo

Personality Profile     Ducorp  (dew-core)

The Ducorp Cockatoos are great companion birds. They are small about the size of a Goffin, sweet, polite, shy not phobic and much quieter than any of the more common Cockatoos species. 

They are not prone to feather picking, not particularly destructive or demanding. The Ducorp are not as active, messy or dusty as the other Cockatoos. They are hard to find in the pet trade.The only complaint I hear? They whine like a baby Cockatoo when it needs to be fed. They will make the same crouched, submissive and rocking movements with the whine. Its tempting to jump to the conclusion the bird was weaned to early, something large breeding facilities would do the get the baby out the door faster. The longer they feed the baby birds expensive formula the less money they clear. Now, I happened to have experience with baby Ducorps. I bought two babies back in 1992 to raise as my personal pets. Tia and Tigger were on 3 feedings a day when they were flown to me from Florida. I bought them from the well respected ABRC, since closed. The office staff made a point to warn me about the whining and that it was normal. Yes, they whined, even with a full crop they whined and whined. I didn’t want to wean them too soon.  I let them wean at their own pace which was around 10 months. Do you know those babies whined for two years? They live and thrive in the Ducorp colony now.


Years later, I got a call from the owners of a Ducorp that was screaming so loud they had to roll the birds cage out on their deck to get relief from the noise. At the time I thought to myself, a Ducorp screaming? That’s weird. Turns out the bird was doing the Ducorp whine. 




Aggression Issues


Introduction Details

All the introductions are immediate. They don’t have any fear of each other. No issues at all.

Fun stories

The Ducorp were so quiet in the colony next to the Goffins that, I built them a new colony in a quieter area. I was concerned that the Goffins being so naughty, may be intimidating the Ducorp. I always had it in the back of my mind, how can the Ducorp be so quiet, peaceful and still be a Cockatoo? Well, the first day in their new enclosure, they were doing happy dances, flying around, making a few noises and clearly thrilled with the new space and view. They are more active than before but, still the polite, sweet birds they always were. …….. and now the Bare eyed live next to the Goffins. 

The Soloman Islands are the home of the Ducorp

The Ducorp, Citron, Lesser Sulphur crested  and the African Grey colony are the only Sanctuary residents, that allow plants to grow in their enclosures.

The Ducorp are not known to be big talkers. Hi, Bye maybe their name, that’s about it. My personal pet Ducorp, that live full time in the colony, say hi baby, special baby and bye baby. It just dawned on me, all of my pet Cockatoos say;  hi baby, special baby, I didn’t realize, I said it that much! 

I know that, many people want birds that talk. Often, the big talkers…. don’t know when to stop. Be careful what you wish for. The big talkers can drive you nuts. They will talk during movies, important phone calls, sick days, and so on. I know someone that taught her bird to sing “Old McDonald had a farm” and endless, clever versions that her delighted bird, shares with everyone all day everyday.


The Ducorp are not as destructive as the other varieties of Cockatoos. I hardly ever see them playing with toys. I still put toys into their enclosure because it makes me feel better. They love to sit under the party hat toy made from a metal sled disk, with beads around. See Photos


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