The Bare eyed Cockatoo

Bare eyed and one Rose breasted
Flock of Bare eyed in Australia
Slender bill / Corella
Bare eyed / Corella
Goffin /Corella

In the USA we call them the Bare-eyed Cockatoo. 

They are native to Australia, where they are called Little Corella’s. Not to be confused with the Long billed Corella, which we in USA call Slender billed Cockatoo. While I am at it…USA uses the term Rose-Breasted and Australia and the rest of the world calls them Galah. And, other countries will sometimes refer to Goffin Cockatoo’s …as Corella’s. I don’t use the term.


Our Bare eyed colony, is moody and stand offish with each other. They don’t snuggle together at night, like the other Cockatoo species. Could it be the unique mix of personalities that live in our enclosure? 

Something I think is telling about the species, is the amount of personal space they need to be comfortable. We each have personal space preference public places, it’s the distance we are comfortable around strangers. When we are in line at the grocery store. Someone stands too close, it makes us uncomfortable and so we move a few steps away and feel better. 

If you notice the flock photos above and the telephone pole picture, the majority of  Bare eyed keep a 6 inch (ish) distance from each other. I have the same experience in my various Cockatoo colonies. The personal space varies by species. Triton’s and Goffins need the most personal space, but they snuggle close at night. The Moluccan’s could care less, the closer the better, day or night. As you tour our website, look at the distance between the birds in each enclosure.

When a new Bare eye comes in, the group is kind and accepting. They don’t go out of their way to say hi. The girls are typical of Cockatoo females, girls hang out with other girls and boys with other boys.

They are titled as the most intelligent Cockatoo…… I beg to differ, my vote is the Goffin.


Notice the lone Slender-bill
Australia is not all Arid
Australian home of the Bare-eyed

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