The Slenderbill Cockatoo

When the first Slender-billed came into the Sanctuary, I planned to try out mixing him with the Bare-eyed. They look alike and it seemed like a good idea. At least until I had time to put up a Slender-billed enclosure. 

It lasted less then 5 minutes…. all of the Bare-eyed Cockatoos flew at him and me. Something I didn’t expect. So, I won’t do that again! The time out enclosure near the Bare-eyed was open fortunately.

 I expected the Slender-billed to be slightly bigger than the Bare-eyed, from what I have read and photos. In person they are much larger than the Bare-eyed and their feather texture is unlike any other Cockatoo I have. It is a soft rabbit fur texture. Their crest is so tiny, looks like someone chopped it off with scissors. Photos top of page and below have crest up. Yep, that’s it.


His personality is really cute and he stutters. Hi ba ba ba baby. He spins around in circles while telling me hello. It’s his mating dance directed towards me and I am flattered.

When the others arrived, they gave each other the stink eye and it was clear, they need to be separated. It has been several years and no change. I’m sure once I build their full size colony and add a few more, they will re-consider life as a group.  They are all domestic raised birds. 

Like most of the Australian Cockatoos, the Slender-billed (long billed corella) is uncommon in the USA. 

The Slender-bill is also known as the Long-billed Corella. The Slender-bill is larger than the Bare-eyed (Corella)and has a pink ring around their neck. The ring is usually visible from the front. Slender-bills have a long upper beak, hence the name. Also, the Slender-bill has a considerable amount of pink/coral feathers around their face.

Photo Above: Flock of Corella’s unspecified Long billed or Bare eyed in wild flock, Australia.

Photo Above Right: Slender-bill and Bare-eyed Corella’s foraging together. The Slender-bills have a full or partial neck ring of pink/ orange feathers. 

Photo Right: Galerita’s and Slender-bill foraging together. Slender-billed is clearly the small fry. 

Photos Bottom: Side by side photo for comparison Corella (Bare-eyed) and Long billed Corella (Slender-bill) .

The photo above : Wild Galerita and Slender-billed create an optical illusion the Galerita are big, just not that big. This photo shows how confident the Sender-bill is.

The Slender-bill and Bare-eyed can puff up their eye rings to show their moods. Puffy means not now.

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