The Rose-Breasted / Galah Cockatoo

Colony on right

Personality Profile

Rose-breasted Cockatoos are sweet little birds. Compared to other Cockatoos, Rose-breasted are less destructive and demanding. Their call sound, is high pitched and sounds like a mix of Cockatiel and a child’s whistle. It can be annoying. The birds are kind and have a lighthearted personality.


Unlike the other Cockatoo species, Rose-breasted will scold you like Cockatiel’s and nip if your, preening technique is not to their liking. They prefer to be preened on their face specifically their cheeks. The technique is thumb on one side and forefinger on opposite cheeks and massage. It’s cute how they lift their head, look down their beak at me. They don’t say anything, just lift their head up as I look their way. The nip doesn’t break my skin or hurt, it’s as if to say ‘hey, pay attention and do it right.


The Rose-breasted have an unusual gait, they have an exaggerated waddle like a penguin. When they travel down a perch, they take quick tiny steps, it makes the waddle more obvious.  Rose-breasted Cockatoos are prone to obesity when kept as a caged pet. 


The Rose-breasted will argue with each other, it sounds like a couple of Cockatiels scolding each other. Sometimes head rolls and head bobbing are thrown in for drama. The arguments haven’t escalated beyond scolding.  



 When new birds are introduced, they are immediately accepted into the flock. The Rose-breasted are very welcoming, they read the new birds body language and approach slowly. New birds calmly start preening the others as a greeting. The introductions in this colony are instantaneous. They don’t do the beak clapping that other Cockatoos species use as a greeting.



The Rose-breasted will argue with each other, its sounds like a couple of Cockatiel’s scolding each other. Sometimes head rolls and head bobbing are thrown in for drama. The arguments haven’t escalated beyond scolding. 


Fun Stories

Rose-breasted are little drama queens that, delightfully announce every perch that falls, toy that falls, dragonfly fly by, heron landing or, wild bunny that passes through. Its their job and donation to the Sanctuary.

They never turn down a rain bath, and strangely prefer to drink dew or rain from the colony frame over the water bowl. Something I haven’t seen in the other enclosures.

Emily the Rose-breasted is followed around the colony by one of our Major Mitchells. He is very loving, and Emily pushes him around. When he is in her way, Emily pushes him away and scolds him.

A couple of years ago, a Rose-breasted male came in, named Rudy. He also fell under Emily’s spell and now she has two males following close behind her, in order of seniority! These males are not trying to mate with her either.



One Lone Rosebreasted among all of those Bare-eyed

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