The Macaws

The Macaws, unlike the Cockatoos, pair off with a friend. The reason I use ‘friend’, they don’t care if the friend is opposite sex or same sex. And, they go everywhere together. They do not mix it up. If you are not the designated friend…..stay back. 

In the evening just before dusk…

All, of the pairs/ buddy’s move to the far covered end of the enclosure. In the morning, they all mosey to the open end if, it’s not raining or too hot. They strategically move around the other pairs to avoid crossing paths and barking at each other. They don’t like to touch other macaws. 

There are occasions where the Macaws argue, fortunately, they make lots of noise and it doesn’t last….they stop when I show up.

I am always disappointed, with the mood of the Macaw colonies. The Cockatoos are very enthusiastic, active, shamelessly hanging upside down… excited about everything. A leaf, a dragonfly, the dogs walk by, a frog croaks and it’s a party. The Macaws are so boring and, they are lazy too. I do really enjoy watching them sit under my party hat toy. I try to get good photos and they run from the camera as if, the camera was a monster.

When it rains they either run like its acid rain or, they take a rain bath. No in between.

The Macaws love their greenhouse. The day that I opened the hatch, they dove right in. No hesitation at all. In the spring, it can heat up quickly. I have to lock them out and they hate me for it. They will rattle the padlock and give me the stink eye.

 I planted grapevines to give the greenhouse shade in the spring, which will give them more time to use it. They love eating the red seedless grapes. Funny, that they wait until the grapes are ripe before picking. I expected them to play with the grapes by pulling them off the vine. They reach through the wire to pull the ripe ones close. In the fall, where they want some sun in the greenhouse, the grape leaves fall to allow more fall/winter heat.

Again, their favorite toys are the party hat made from a steel sled dish, that I attached bead fringe around it. They have started removing the beads/fringe on the front of the toy, as if the beads were blocking the view. The other favorite is the display grid wall, seen in the background of greenwing picture. The grid wall is powder coated and the birds use it as a ladder. In that same photo, background you can see the platform outside their greenhouse. It’s a way for them to ponder their next move, while waiting patiently to enter the hatch.

I was weeding in front of the Macaw colony and the birds were down on the covered end napping. I could see something out of the corner of my eye. It was a couple of Greenwings rolling around on the wood chips, on their backs, in the open end! It was behind a log, they were so cute. Clearly, they didn’t realize I was watching. They were cooing, locking beaks, doing the dracula wing wrap too. This is the first time, I have seen anything like this from the Macaws.

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